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SPSM-DC_24.5.3.0 Release Notes

Date of release: May 29, 2024

Part C



Release Note


IFSP & IFSP Part C Profile

  • IFSP Part C Profile

    1. The Number of Days Late field is now a calculated field. The calculation would be the number of calendar days from the IFSP meeting date and Entry Date value from the Referrals Part C profile.

    2. Reason for Delay in 45 Day Timeline: Added a constraint/validation so that if the Number of Days Late has a value greater than 0, then a reason must be populated.

  • IFSP Document: No longer flows the Number of Days Late value from the document as this is now a calculated field.


New Document: Early Intervention Participation Agreement

Added a new document named Early Intervention Participation Agreement under the Consent Documents.

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