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PowerSchool SIS Special Program Management (SPEnrollments)

The API write-back process will create and manage the PowerSchool SIS Special Programs (e.g., IIEP, AIEP, etc.).

Uses the unique identifier (record ID returned when the PowerSchool SIS special program record is created). This is used so that if data is changed or deleted in PowerSchool Special Programs, it will be corrected or removed from PowerSchool SIS.   

Special Programs

The PowerSchool SIS Special Programs description must equal SPED-AIEP, SPED-CIEP, SPED-CNST, SPED-FIEP, SPED-IETR, SPED-IIEP, SPED-IISP, SPED-Manifestation Determination, SPED-NIEP, SPED-PSTC, SPED-RETR, SPED-RFRL, SPED-RIEP, SPED-RISP, SPED-TETR, SPED-TIEP. The fields are stored on the PowerSchool Special Programs Eligibility Profile screen.

The PowerSchool Special Programs {EventDate} and {EventType} (GE-A and GE-B fields) drive the creation of new SPEnrollment records and the ending of existing SPEnrollment records in PowerSchool Special Programs and PowerSchool SIS.

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