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Configure Security for Language Translators

Log in as a security administrator.

  1. Choose Administration, then Security.
  2. Click More, then Edit Categories.
  3. Click the language translator security group if it exists. Else, create a new security group titled Translators.
  4. Click Edit Properties/Privileges.
  5. Expand Student Curriculum Privileges.
  6. Select Grant for the following options:
    1. View Curriculum Outline
    2. Translate Curricula
    3. Edit Curriculum Setup
  7. Expand System Administration Privileges.
  8. Select Grant for Translate Document Templates.
  9. Click Accept.
  10. To enable access to document templates that need translation, click Document Templates.
  11. Click the magnifier icon for the required document template.
  12. Click Edit.
  13. Select the required privileges.

    Your district will need to fully license the language translation module to translate individualized content within documents (with or without Google Language Translation Services). Suppose your district has not approved the full language translation module. In that case, the functionality is limited to translating document templates that do not have narrative text in them (e.g., letter), and integrated Google Language Translation Services will not be available.

  14. Click Save.
  15. Add members, if required.

State/Provincial Model Translations

If your district is on a standard state/province model, translation gaps may arise during state/province model version releases that involve form changes.

Model releases trigger an overnight scan of any document templates changed by the state/province model release. The system administrator receives a notification message for each document template with translation gaps. The system administrator may direct these notifications to members of "translator" security groups that have translation security permissions. To do this, the system administrator edits the security group properties of "translator" security groups and establishes a Messaging ID.

A Messaging ID allows you to message the members of the security group with a single group identifier. Notification of translation gaps is sent even if the gaps existed before the model release.

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