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System administrators perform two primary tasks:

  • Manage data
  • Manage security

This section discusses an administrator's task of ensuring users have secure access to the information and functions they need to do their jobs and preventing or restricting access to information not relevant to the user's role or designation within the school district.

Access to information can be:

  • Read access: Allows users to view information.
  • Write access: Allows users to add, modify, or delete data.

Managing Security is:

  • Enabling user access, setting access privileges, and establishing security groups.
  • Ensuring user logins are secure.
  • Preventing breaches by educating users on best practices to follow to keep their access safe.

To effectively manage security, a system administrator will need to:

  • Understand how data is organized within PowerSchool Special Programs.
  • Understand how the security model works.
  • Perform specific procedures to maintain security.
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