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Create Staff Privacy Notice

Log in as security administrator.

  1. Choose Administration, then Security.
  2. Click More, then Set Staff Privacy Notice.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Enter the privacy notice. If you are revising an existing privacy notice, the Require All Staff to Read Revision checkbox appears. Select this option to require all staff to accept the revision.
  5. Click Save. To see how the notice appears to end-users, click Preview.

To view the list of users who have accepted the privacy notice:

  1. Choose Administration, then Security.
  2. Click Audit Log.
  3. Enter Privacy Notice in the Search textbox, and click Search.

Conditional Content

To limit all or part of the privacy notice for users within security groups, use conditional logic directives. Begin the conditional content with an {#IF_USER...} directive and end with a {#ENDIF} directive, and use the InAnyOfSecurityGroups function to define the affected security groups.

When you preview a privacy notice, the directives are ignored, and all content will display.

Conditional Content Examples

Security groups in your system may be titled differently from the examples listed below. The security groups must match those used in your system.

  • {#IF_USER InAnyOfSecurityGroups('Case Managers', 'Counselors')}This is a message for case managers or counselors only{#ENDIF}
  • {#IF_USER InAnyOfSecurityGroups('Elementary School Teachers')}This is a message for elementary school teachers only{#ENDIF}
  • {#IF_USER NOT InAnyOfSecurityGroups('Elementary School Teachers')}This is NOT a message for elementary school teachers to see{#ENDIF}
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