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Customize Support Requests

  1. Click the Help icon (question mark), then Support.
  2. On the New Support Request dialog box, click Configure.
  3. On the Configure Support Screen, select the options you want to enable.
    • List CONSULTANT as support contact for staff users? The consultant represents either PowerSchool or a local consultant that supports the school district's implementation of Special Programs. This option is only available in self-hosted environments.

    • List ADMIN as support contact for staff users? The admin typically is the system administrator.

      To list individual users as support contacts, grant the user the Recieve Support Requests security privilege.

  4. Enter a list of topics for the request subject line. You can create a second topic list by encasing the topic label in square brackets followed by the list items. Users will select from these topics when they make a support request.
  5. Click Accept.
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