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Profile Configuration Overview

  1. From the Administration menu, click Configuration.
  2. Click the Profile Types tab.
  3. Click the magnifier icon for the profile type.
  4. The data fields that comprise the profile type are organized into sections to help when reviewing and editing information. You will work with one section at a time. Use the fly-out menu to select sections.
  5. Select a tab to review and edit the format.
    • Output Format - Displays what the section will look like when viewed by users.
    • HTML Format - Displays the underlying HTML format used to create the section layout. HTML format consists of standard HTML with embedded database field references and directives.
    • Testing Format - Displays how the section will look and behave when users edit the profile.
    • Fields - Displays a list of all data fields linked to the particular section. Each field includes a name, data type, description, and other properties.

      • Use the Data Type column to find Keyword Selection fields. Keyword Selection fields can store a single value from a pre-defined list of values. Click the keyword table link to display the pre-defined values.
      • To display a list of all keyword tables in the database, click Keyword Tables, then click the magnifier icon for the keyword table.
    • Constraints - Displays a list of all constraints linked to the section. A constraint is a rule used to identify and prevent incorrect or invalid data or update data based on other data entered.
  6. Select All Fields or All Constraints from the fly-out menu to display all fields or constraints for the profile type. You can link a field or constraint to more than one section.

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