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Review and Acknowledge Documents

version 19.11 and later

PowerSchool Special Programs allows end-users to review and acknowledge finalized documents as authorized by the system/security administrator.

Log in as an administrator to authorize security groups to review and acknowledge finalized documents of specific document templates.

  1. Choose Administration, then Configuration.
  2. Click Document Templates.
  3. Click the magnifier icon for the required document template.
  4. Click Security.
  5. Select Review Acknowledge for the required security group.
  6. Click Save Changes.

To view a list of users who have reviewed and acknowledged a document:

  1. Choose Search, then Students.
  2. Search for a student using ID, First Name, or Last Name.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the document icon for the student.
  5. Choose the required document in Final status.
  6. Click More, then Review and Acknowledge.

To create a report that lists documents that have been acknowledged or are pending acknowledgments, use the following formula:

  • IsAcknowledged(staffreference) Returns true if the specified staff person has acknowledged the current document.
  • AcknowledgeDatetime(staffreference) Returns the date and time the specified staff person acknowledged the current document, or EMPTY/NULL if the staff person did not acknowledge the document.

Administrators can have users acknowledge documents in the following ways:

  • By reentering their password
  • Selecting the Acknowledge checkbox

Once acknowledged, Special Programs captures a dated "digital hash" of the document's content, and the acknowledgment is added to the list of user acknowledgments for the document.

If the content of the document changes, Special Programs prompts the user to review and acknowledge the document again.
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