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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of November 4, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements


Release Note

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Digital Signature

District administrators can choose multiple PDFs or a single PDF with merged responses. You can access the PDF creation options from the Digitial Signature settings.

Configure Digital Signature
Digital Signature Configuration: Ready Document Template List

The document templates list on the Digital Signature Settings page displays only active documents in alphabetical order.

Digital Signature: Select Primary Signer

The Digital Signature Details dialog has a new feature that allows the staff member to choose which signer's response to use as the document's official data.

Primary Signer
Parent Portal

The student’s name appears on the home page when a parent or guardian signs in to the parent portal.

Standard Reports

Administrators have an option, Immediate Sync Report, under Configuration Management to sync security settings for reports.

Standard Reports

When setting up report parameters for a standard report, it is now possible to specify default values for non-optional report parameters.  The default values are specified in the form of a Globals profile expression.  This is useful, for example, when needing to set default values for date parameters based on key dates stored in the Globals profile or the current date.

Report Parameters
Student Documents

Added the ability for ADMINS to edit a final document's Comment/Label without having to unfinalize the document.

Resolved Issues


Release Note

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue where after voiding a Digital Signature request, the Signature Request Options and Delete Digital Signature requests were not available.

Digital Signature

Resolved an issue where Digital Signature Details displayed an error status for signed documents.

Digital Signature - Enable Error

Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented customers from saving changes after trying to enable Digital Signature in Special Programs and resulted in an error report.

Digital Signature - Sign Now

Resolved an issue where staff signers could not access the Sign Document button in Sign Now mode.


Resolved an issue where document watermarks were not displayed correctly in print or download to PDF modes.

System Administration

Resolved an issue where the ADMIN user received an error when attempting to add or edit keywords. This issue was present only in Special Programs

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