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Calendar Events

If you have security permissions, you can schedule events on your calendar, invite people to attend events, create recurring events, and reschedule events. 

Add a Calendar Event

  1. Select Communication > Calendar.

  2. Right-click a date on the monthly view or time on the weekly or daily view, then click New Event in the pop-up menu.

    • Alternatively, click New Event in the toolbar above the calendar, and select the specific date later.

    • Use the Day, Week, and Month buttons in the top right corner of the Calendar to switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views.

  3. On the New Event window, enter the event information.

  4. In the Options fields:

    • Show As: Select the appropriate option to indicate your availability during the event.

    • Mark Private: Select the checkbox to make the event private, so other users cannot view the subject or description.

    • Reminder: Select the appropriate reminder option to display a reminder for the event.

  5. If you want to schedule an event with attendees, define a recurring event, or attach files, click More Options >> to the right of the Save button. 

  6. When you are done, click Save.

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