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Configure Non-Score Columns for Screening Groups

Screening groups do not require any mandatory configuration. Any user who has access to assessment administrations can work with screening groups.

  1. Log in and select Configuration from the Administration menu, and then click the Curricula tab.
  2. Click the Columns link next to Screening Groups.
  3. On the Screening Group Columns page, click Add New Column in the desired group. You can create any number of non-score columns that are divided into two groups: those displayed before the score columns in screening groups, and those displayed after.
  4. On the Add New Column pop-up, select a field or define a formula for the column.

    • If the non-score column is an existing student field, select the student field from the Select Student Field list.

    • If the non-score column is a calculation, click Advanced >> in the bottom right corner.

  5. Select whether to include the new non-score column by default in new screening groups.
    • If select Options, the non-score column will be included by default in new screening groups.
    • If Options is not checked, users can add the column manually to a screening group they have created.
  6. If you clicked Advanced >> on the previous screen, enter a formula to calculate the values in the column on the New Screening Column menu. You can also specify that values that appear in the column should link to a specific profile section.
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