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Screening and Progress Monitoring

Screening groups provide a convenient means of screening multiple assessment scores for a set of students. Behavioral measures (i.e. suspensions or discipline events) can optionally be included as well, provided that such measures have been configured. The scores and any selected behavioral data are displayed in a columnar grid with color-coding for convenient comparisons, sorting, and review.

Progress monitoring groups provide a means of grouping students together for recording and charting weekly or biweekly progress monitoring probes, tracking progress towards a goal line, and regrouping if sufficient progress is not being made.

Screening groups and progress monitoring groups can be enabled and configured for use independently of each other, but when both are enabled, they are designed to work together so that screening groups become a convenient means of organizing students into progress monitoring groups based on performance data.

Both screening groups and progress monitoring groups can be linked to either a location (school) or a class and will contain a subset of students at that location or class.

Generally, teachers will be working with class-wide groups for their classes, and school-based teams and coordinators will be working with location-wide groups.

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