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Export Report Data

You can export the data that appears in a list or multi-dimensional report to your desktop in different formats (PDF, tab-delimited, CSV, Excel, etc.).

  1. Open the report.
  2. Select the desired format from the Download menu. You can also select More Options… to see additional options such as one to control whether a header row (with column titles) is downloaded.
  3. Use your browser options to save the file.

Fixed-Width Report Export

Government agencies sometimes require school districts to supply data extracts in a fixed-width format. In this format, each field takes up the same number of characters in all rows (padded on the right with spaces or truncated if necessary); however, the fields are not separated by commas or tabs. You can choose the fixed-width format using the procedure described above. Default widths will be used unless you explicitly set them yourself for each column.

  1. With the list report open in edit mode, click the Edit (pencil) icon above the first column.
  2. On the List Report Column Properties pop-up, click More Options.
  3. In the Fixed Length Export Column Width field, enter the fixed number of characters the field will occupy. Data fields smaller than this size will be padded on the right with spaces. Data fields larger than this will be truncated.
  4. Click Accept.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for the remaining columns.
  6. Click Finish Editing Report, and proceed with exporting the data.

Nightly or Time-Scheduled Exports

If you wish to perform a nightly or time scheduled export of data from PowerSchool Special Programs, create a list report containing the data to export. You can then use the Data Connectivity feature to export the report data to a target location on a scheduled basis.

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