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File-Based Documents

Upload files into the list of documents and make them available online in one file-based document.

Upload a File

  1. Search for and select the student in the My Students panel. 

  2. Click the documents icon.

  3. In the Create New Document field, select (File-based Document), and click Go.

  4. On the Upload File-Based Document page, ensure the correct school year for the document is selected. Enter comments if needed.

  5. Click Select, and use the browser options to select the file to be uploaded. Repeat to select multiple files.

  6. Click Upload File(s). The files are uploaded, and the document is now in Draft status. To change the status, select Set Document to Review or Set Document to Final

  7. Use the navigation trail to return to the list of documents.

View File-Based Documents 

  1. Search for and select the student in the My Students panel. 

  2. Click the documents icon.

  3. Click the link for the file-based document to display the File-based Document screen.

  4. To view a file, click the magnifying glass icon to the left of the file or click the download icon.

  5. To replace a file, click the upload icon in the Modify File column to the right of the file, and click Select to choose the file using the File Upload.

  6. Click Upload File(s).

  7. To delete a file, click the Delete icon (x) in the Modify File column, then click OK. File-based documents must be in a Draft or Review status to delete.

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