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Frequently Asked Questions about Offline Assessment Scoring

If I modify the assessment definition (e.g. the answer key or alignment), how does that affect existing assessment administrations for that assessment?

If you change the range of questions for any section scored in the assessment administration, or if you delete any section scored in the assessment administration, the assessment administration becomes invalid and you will not be able to fully access it.

However, if you attempt to make changes of this nature, you are prompted to create a new “version” of the assessment to which you can make modifications without affecting assessment administration scored with the previous version.

Other types of changes, such as correcting the answer key or modifying curriculum alignments, do not invalidate the assessment administration. If you correct the answer key or the curriculum alignment, you may want to re-process any assessment administrations for that assessment so that the corrections are reflected in the processed results. Refer to Re-process an Assessment Administration.

What if I want to change the assessment date of an existing assessment administration?

Go to the assessment page showing the assessment administration and click the Open Assessment Administration icon next to it.

  • To change the assessment date for all students at once, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the Date column heading and then edit the date.
  • To set the assessment date for an individual student, click the Edit (pencil) icon to the left of the student's name.

You cannot modify assessment dates if the assessment administration has been processed. In this case, you must unprocess it, modify the dates, and then process it again.

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