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Install the Plain Paper Scanner Plus Module

There are two prerequisites to successfully installing the plain paper scanner module:

  • The plain paper scanning module is a shared module that should be installed once per computer by an administrative user. This will be shared among all users that will use the computer.
  • The plain paper scanning module contains imaging technology that must be licensed for each scanning workstation that will use this module. The required license numbers can be obtained from PowerSchool.

The plain paper scanning module can be downloaded from the same page as the Scoring Tool (refer to Install the Scoring Tool). Once you have downloaded the PlainPaperScannerPlus_SC.exe file on the scanning workstation, launch it to start the installation process.

Install the Plan Paper Scanner Plus Module

  1. Download the Scoring Tool Plain Paper Scanner executable file (PlainPaperScannerPlus_SC.exe), and double-click it to start the installation process.
  2. When the Scoring Tool Plus (Plain Paper Scanner Plus Module) installation wizard appears, click Next > to begin installing the software.
  3. Read the EULA and select the option to accept the license agreement. Click Next > to continue.
  4. On the License Key entry screen, enter the license key that you obtained from PowerSchool. Without this key, the plain paper scanning module will not load. Click Next > to continue.
  5. On the Destination Folder screen, accept the default destination or select a different destination.
    • To accept the default destination folder, click Next >.
    • To change the destination, click Change... and select the folder where you want to download the software. Then, click OK in the selection window, and then click Next > in the installation wizard to proceed.
  6. Click Install to install the product now.  Once the Plain Paper Scanner Module has been installed, the appropriate functionality will be available in the Scoring Tool Plus.

    : If random variations are being used for an assessment administration, refer to Printing and Scanning Random Variations for specific details on the functionality built into the Scoring Tool Plus application.
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