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Manage Shared Reports

In Version 18.1 or greater, the system administrator can create specified security groups to share standard reports while retaining exclusive editing ownership. Shared reports are effectively a type of report ownership that has some features of private reports (ownership retained by creator) and some features of public reports (ability to assign public access by security groups).

The typical workflow is that a user authorized to share reports will initially create a private. When it is ready to be shared, the user will set the report's ownership to shared and specify the security groups to access it. Regardless of what security groups the report owner specifies, other users will still be constrained by their security permissions to see data (e.g., report users with location-wide access to students will be strictly constrained to that level of access).

A security administrator must assign report permissions to the security group.

  • Grant Create Private List Reports and/or Create Private Multi-Dimensional Reports to support the standard workflow.
  • Grant Share Private Reports to allow users to share their private reports with specified security groups.
  • If you want to allow users to share their private reports, but also publish them on the home pages of other users, then select Publish Shared Reports.

When users with the Share Private Reports permission want to share a private report, they use the report properties screen to change the ownership/category of the report:


Setting permissions for Private Reports

By default, users can assign the shared report to any report category. If a category is not selected, the report will appear in a default shared reports category. In some cases, the system administrator may wish to restrict the categories into which shared reports can be placed. In this case, the system administrator should create one or more report categories with a name that begins with the words shared reports. For example, Shared Reports: Case Management, or Shared Reports: Provider. A report category requires that at least one report is assigned to it when the category is created. The system administrator will need to create a placeholder public report in each category to make it available for assigning reports. Once one or more report categories exist that meet the criteria, users will be restricted to placing their shared reports only into those categories.

In some cases, the system administrator (or a user with the Admin Public Reports permission) may need to convert any visible shared report to public or set it back to private (under the creator) if the report is deemed not appropriate to be shared. In these cases, the administrator can bring up any visible shared report and select either Convert Shared Report to Public or Reset Shared Report Back to Private from the More menu.

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