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Manage Your Caseloads

Depending on how your district configures Special Programs, your caseload may be provided for you. If not, an administrator assigns you the security privilege to add and remove students from your caseload. You may also have access to add students to the case manager's caseload. Multiple staff members can add a student to their caseload, but only one staff member can be the case manager for a student.

Add Students to Your Caseload

  1. Select Edit in the My Students panel on your home page.

  2. On the My Student Caseload page, click Add Students to ..., then select Standard Caseload. If this option is not available, you do not have the security privilege to add students to your caseload. 

  3. Search for your students.

  4. On the Results page, select the students you want to add. 

  5. Click Add Students Marked Below to Standard Caseload or Add Students Marked Above to Standard Caseload.

Create a Caseload Group

If you have a significant number of students on your caseload or if you provide services to groups of students, you can organize your students into caseload groups. A student can be in more than one caseload group. 

  1. Click Edit in the My Students panel on your home page.

  2. On the My Student Caseload page, click New Caseload Group.

  3. On the New Caseload Group page, enter a unique name in the Group Name field.

  4. Select the students you want to include in the group.

  5. Click Accept

After you define caseload groups, use the Select Group field in the My Students panel of your home page to display your entire caseload or only students in a specific caseload group.

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