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The Presets feature can help you save time by allowing you to re-use your work when developing sets of goals and objectives within IEP documents. A preset is a set of related instructional areas, goals, and objectives that you save under a name to make it available to insert into any IEP documents.

This feature is available only when you are editing goals and objectives.

In the Goals and Objectives Section section of a document, click the Presets button. If you are not in edit mode, select Navigate To > Presets.

Create a Preset

  1. Click Add New Personal Preset. Use the My Personal Presets and Presets Shared by Others tabs to switch between viewing other presets.
  2. In the Add New Personal Preset pop-up, enter the new preset information:
    • In the Preset Name field, enter an identifying name for your new preset.
    • In the Source of Goal(s) field, select Current Document.
  3. Click Save. The preset is ready to use and contains the goals and objectives of the document. You can perform additional editing on the preset or use the navigation trail to exit the document. A new preset is shaded in green to remind you that you are looking at a preset and not a student's actual goals and objectives.

Insert a Preset in a Document

  1. Click the magnifier icon next to the preset you want to insert.
  2. Click Copy Preset into (document name) and confirm. A yellow-highlighted checkbox above each goal allows you to control which goals are inserted into the document. By default, all checkboxes are enabled. Deselect any goals you do not want, and then click the green Copy button.
  3. The preset is inserted into the document, and you are returned to the actual document for additional editing.

Share a Preset with Other Users

  1. Select the preset you want to share, and then select Share Preset from the More drop-down menu.

  2. You can share your preset with one or more of your messaging groups. Select the messaging groups that you want to share the preset with, and then click the Share button. You can click the My Messaging Groups link to access a popup that allows you to create or edit messaging groups without leaving the preset.
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