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Report on Document Data

 Create a standard report that focuses on documents.

  1. Create a new list report.
  2. Click Type of Information and select Student Documents…, then select the type of documents to be reported in the field that appears to the right of the Type of Information field.
  3. In the Selection Criteria, define the formula for selecting the overall set of documents (not profiles) that will appear in the report. When creating a formula for document reports, the DocStatus and DocHistoryYear fields are useful.
  4. Select the appropriate options below the Selection Criteria textbox. To display an explanation for an option, move the pointer over the field.
  5. Click Accept. The report appears. Each row in the report corresponds to a document. The Doc Status column shows the status (draft, review, or final) of each document.
  6. Make additional changes as needed.
  7. Click Finish Editing Report.
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