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Report Selection Formula Options

When you edit a report selection formula, additional options are available that may be useful depending on the situation. To access these options, display the report in edit mode, and then click the Edit (pencil) icon for the selection formula.

  • Include Only "Non-Exited" students: One or more options similar to this may appear depending on how the system has been configured. If options like this are selected, the student selection for the report will be further restricted. If you point the mouse at these options, explanations of the options will appear.
  • Include Inactive Students: Appears for student reports only. If this option is selected, the report will include students who have been deactivated (such students are excluded by default).
    • The Only sub-option can be useful for producing a list of inactive (deactivated) students.
  • Final Documents Only: This option only appears for document-based reports. If you select this option, only final documents will be included in the report. Note that it is possible to achieve the same result by including DocStatus=Final in the selection criteria, but this filter is so frequently used that it is provided here as a simple checkbox option for convenience.
  • Active Documents Only: This option only appears for document-based reports that have been configured to allow identification of an active document. If the document supports it, a student can only have at most one active document, and selecting this checkbox will report only the active documents.
  • Include Only the Most Recent Document Per Student: Since a particular student could have more than one document from the selected document template, it may be helpful to be able to easily filter out any documents that are not the latest but that otherwise might be included based on the formula alone. Selecting this checkbox filters out earlier documents, based on the document creation date or optionally, the finalization date, any time a student would otherwise have multiple documents on the report. When this option is enabled, two groups of sub-options appear.
    • The first group of sub-options allows you to choose whether to take the latest document based on either the creation date or finalization date. However, you must also have the Final Documents Only option selected to be able to select the finalization date choice.
    • The second set of sub-options controls how the logic works and is best explained with an example. If the main selection criteria includes DocStatus=Draft, then selecting the Include Only the Most Recent Documents within Selection Criteria option will include the latest draft document for each student. However, if the same criteria is used with the Include Only the Most Recent Documents Overall option, then the report will include the latest document for each student, but only if it is draft (i.e., if the latest document for a student is review or final, then no document will be displayed for that student).
  • Allow User Filtering Based on Organizational Location: This option is available for Students, Staff, Classes and potentially other types of profiles. If the checkbox is selected, a drop-down appears in the report view that allows you to filter the report by organizational location (school, district, etc.)
    • Require user to select organizational location before report displays: If this option is selected, the user must select a specific option from the organizational location drop-down. This option is useful for avoiding the performance impact of producing a report across the entire organization.
    • Disallow system-wide report view (i.e., to reduce impact on server): This option does not allow a report to include all profiles in the system to protect the server from unreasonable queries.
  • Notification Report: Show Row Count On Home Page: Available for list reports only, this option enables end users to subscribe to list reports on their home page for notification purposes. When users subscribe to a report with this option, the actual count of profiles/rows is shown directly on the home page. This option should only be selected for reports that produce fewer than 500 rows. To protect the performance of the system, this option will be shut off automatically if situations are encountered where the report produces more than 500 rows.
  • Always Filter to User Standard Caseload: This option is only available for list reports for student profiles or student documents. If the checkbox is selected, the report is always filtered to the current user's caseload. Setting this option will make the report inaccessible to users who do not have a caseload (unless the user has privileges to edit the report definition).
  • Enable Access Via User Standard Caseload: As with the previous option, this option is only available for list reports for student profiles or student documents. If the checkbox is selected, users who only have caseload access to students can access this report filtered to their caseload if two additional conditions are met. First, the report must be published to their home page. Second, such caseload-only users must have the special Access Standard Reports for My Caseload security privilege assigned via their security groups.
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