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Scan Answer Sheets

Once the students have filled out the answer sheets, it is time to scan the pages so that the results can be stored in the database. After the answer sheets have been printed, a new scanning device will be available for scanning – a Plain Paper Scanner.

Refer to Tips for Plain Paper Scanning.


  • The answer sheets must be scanned on the same computer that you originally printed the answer sheets on.
  • The Plain Paper Scanner requires a TWAIN-compatible paper scanner to be connected to the computer.

Scan the Answer Sheets

  1. Start the Scanning Tool and log in.
  2. Select Assessment Administrations from the Assessment menu.
  3. In the Assessment Administration screen for the answer sheets you want to scan, click the Scan button on the toolbar. 
  4. The Scan screen appears. Select your Preferences, and then click Scan to begin scanning.
    • The default selected scanner is the Plain Paper Scanner.
    To view or change the scanning device, click the Configure… button, select the scanning device and then click OK to return to the Scan screen to proceed.
  5. Load a stack of the answer sheets face up into the scanner's document feeder. Then, click OK on the Scan Forms window when you are ready to begin scanning the assessments. 
  6. On the Scan Assessments window, review the messages that display as needed. This window shows each of the scanned pages. More details will be displayed once scanning has completed.
  7. After all of the sheets have been scanned, you can continue to load more sheets or indicate you are done.
    • If there are more sheets to scan, load the sheets, and click Continue.
    • If all sheets have been scanned, click Done.
  8. When the Scan Assessments window indicates that scanning is complete, click Close to continue.
  9. On the Scanning Status screen review the detailed status of each page that was scanned.  As needed, review any warnings and errors listed in the lower part of the screen, and correct the data accordingly.
  10. To display the student's answers on the Assessment Administration window, select the student's page, and then click the View Student button.  To display or hide the Scanning Status screen click the scan screen button in the toolbar on the Assessment Administration window.
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