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Summarize Multiple Assessments

  1. Select Assessment > Assessment Reports. The Assessment Reports page appears.
  2. In the Scope of Administration menu, select the scope at which the assessments were administered.

    In the School Year and Marking Period menus at the top of the page, you can optionally select to view results from previous years or filter results to particular marking periods.

  3. In the Administered Assessments section, click the checkboxes in the rows for the assessments that you want to summarize.
    • To select all of the assessments at once, click the checkbox at the very top in the column header.
  4. Click the Summarize All Checked Assessments button at the bottom of the section.
    • If there are multiple assessment administrations available for any of the checked assessments at the selected scope, they will be merged now to report summary results.
    • When the merge is complete, a chart appears that includes multiple assessments on the same chart for comparative purposes. However, assessments can only be on the same chart if they share the same assessment rubric.
  5. Use the Assessment Rubric menu to choose a rubric, and then all assessments that you originally chose that use the selected rubric will appear on the chart.
  6. On the Fine-Tune Chart(s) window, specify your changes, and then click Accept to put any changes into effect.
    • To change the order in which assessments appear on the chart, or omit one or more assessments, click Fine-Tune Chart(s).
    • To change the order of assessments, click the arrow icons or drag and drop them.
    • You can also use the Show In Summary column to turn off the display of certain assessments. The chart changes according to the fine-tuning changes you made.
  7. To disaggregate the students by category (for example by Grade, Gender, or Ethnicity), click Disaggregate..., and then select the field you want to use to disaggregate the students in the Disaggregate Students by…. menu. Note that each assessment now displays a chart with a bar for each value of the disaggregation field.
  8. Select Disaggregation Field from the Group By menu. Note that each value of the disaggregation field now displays a chart with a bar for each assessment.
  9. To specify additional options, click Options….
  10. To show mean scores for the originally selected assessments, select the Scores tab. Click Export to export these mean scores.
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