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Configure Files-Only Document Templates

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Files-only document templates are templates to which authorized users can attach files. They do not have forms for users to fill out. However, you can group the templates by category and assign security rights.

If you are using file-based documents, PowerSchool recommends migrating to files-only document templates.

Model-Based Files-Only Document Templates

State and provincial models may come with built-in, file-only document templates.

To determine if a template is files-only or files-based: and later.
Navigate to Administration, Configuration, then Document Templates. In the document templates list, file-only template names are appended with "[files-only]." and earlier.
Open the document template. A message noting the template is a document placeholder displays for file-based templates.

Create a Custom Files-Only Document Template

You must sign in as an administrator to create files-only document templates.

  1. Select Administration, Configuration, then Document Templates.
  2. Click Add New Files-Only Document Template.
  3. Enter a unique Template ID.
  4. Enter a unique Template Name. To ensure the custom document template is unique, you must add an underscore to the end of the template name. The template name will not display the underscore for users.
  5. Assign a document Template Category. If you do not assign a category, documents created using the template will save under the Other Documents category.
  6. The remaining options are optional. You can also change these properties later.

    Use Preset Document Labels/Comments to provide users with a list of suggested labels to select when creating new documents using the template.
  7. Click Accept.
  8. Grant security rights for the template.

Change Status to Active

  1. Select Administration, Configuration, then Document Templates.
  2. Open the template and click Properties.
  3. Click Edit Properties.
  4. Change the Status to Active.
  5. Click Accept.

Migrate File-Based Templates to File-Only Templates

PowerSchool recommends that you announce a cutoff date for creating file-based documents. On the cutoff date, remove the Maintain Own File Based Documents security privilege from all security groups.

You must sign in as a system administrator to migrate file-based templates.

Migrate for Single Student

  1. Navigate to the student's documents.
  2. Click More... and choose Convert File-Based Documents to Template-Based Documents. The option is visible only if the student has file-based documents and files-only document templates exist.

Migrate for Multiple Students

  1. Select Administration, then Utilities.
  2. From Data Utilities, choose Students.
  3. Select the Convert File-Based Documents utility.
  4. Enter the selection criteria:
    • Select students to constrain bulk conversion to a group of students.
    • Enter pattern-based criteria for the file-based documents that you want to convert.
    • Enter the files-only document template to convert the matching file-based documents.
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