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Designate Support Providers

Sign in as a security administrator to add users to the Support Provider security group.

You can also enter a brief description of the user's support role or area of expertise in the user's staff profile.

Support Provider groups have system-wide or location-wide privileges by default.

Enable Support to Sign In as Other Users

Sign in as a security administrator.

  1. Choose Administration, then Security.
  2. Click More, then Edit Categories.
  3. Click Support (location-wide) or Support (system-wide) as required.
  4. Click Edit Properties/Privileges.
  5. From the System Administration Privileges, select Grant for Log in as Other Users for Support.

    Grant or Deny privileges given to security groups, like Support Providers can be of two levels:
    • System-wide
    • Location-wide
  6. Click Accept.

Support staff can now sign in as other users to try and replicate technical issues.

  1. Choose Search, then Staff.
  2. Use the Staff - Quick Search Form to search by ID, Last Name, or First Name.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the profile icon of the required staff.
  5. Click Security.
  6. Click Sign In as This User.
  7. Enter the reason in the Please state the reason why you are signing in as this user text field.
  8. Enter your Password.
  9. Click Sign In.

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