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Edit Documents - Easy Edit

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With Easy Edit you can add new content or edit existing content in your documents and forms. This includes adding fields, links, and symbols, as well as customizing content released by PowerSchool.

To access Easy Edit:

  1. Log in as a System Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > Document Templates and open a document template.
  3. Select Easy Edit.

Document View

Click the area you want to edit to display the menu. You can either insert a new area above or below the current selection, or you can edit the current selection area.

  • If you are customizing content released by PowerSchool, future releases will not override your customizations. You will be notified if PowerSchool releases a change to your customized area, and you can revert to the current PowerSchool version at any time.
  • When using the Insert Above or Insert Below options, the new area will retain the style of the current selection. For example, if you insert above or below an area that has a colored background, your new area will be styled with the same colored background.


You have two options when you save your edits; you can save them as a draft or publish them. To make your edit available on the document template for all users, select the Publish checkbox before saving your edits. If you do not select Publish, your edits will save as a draft and will not be available on the live documentation template. Only you can view your draft content.

Revert to PowerSchool Version

If PowerSchool releases a change to an area that you have customized, you will receive a notification and the area will be marked with a PowerSchool Updated badge. PowerSchool does not overwrite your customization. You can choose to keep your customizations or to revert to the PowerSchool version.

  1. Click the area with the PowerSchool Updated badge and choose Edit.
  2. Review the PowerSchool version and revert if needed.

Delete Customized Text

The delete option is only available after you have customized an area.

  1. Click the customized area and choose Edit.
  2. Click the ellipses (...) and choose Delete.

Add and Insert Fields

The Fields menu allows you to insert and add fields as well as set field properties.

  1. Click the area you want to edit and choose Edit.
  2. In the Edit drawer, click Fields.
  3. Choose one of the following actions:
    1. Insert an existing field:
      1. Choose Insert Field and choose the field you want to add.
    2. Add and insert a new field:
      1. Choose Add Data Fields, Add Data Field linked to Profile, or Add Calculated Field.
      2. Enter the field properties, then click Save and Exit.
      3. In the Edit drawer, click the Fields button.
      4. Select Insert Field and choose your new field.
    3. Update field properties:
      1. Choose Field Properties.
      2. Click the Edit field icon next to the field you want to update.
      3. Update the field properties, then click Save and Exit.

Use the Field Properties tab to set properties for multiple fields in a document template.

Add Directives and Functions

Use the ellipses menu (...) to add directives and functions.

Advanced Mode

Use Advanced Mode to view and make edits in HTML.

Allowed HTML Tags

You can use the following HTML tags in Easy Edit:

  • p
  • div
  • table
  • th, tr, and td
  • span
  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6
Do not add br tags in headings. Use your keyboard to insert line breaks.


Badges show the current status of a customized area within the document. Badges display only if you have made at least one edit to the document.

  • Published or P - Your customizations are available on the document template for all users.
  • Draft or D - Unpublished edits exist for the content.
  • PowerSchool Updated or PSU - PowerSchool has released content to an area that you have customized. Your customizations will not be overwritten. You must manually revert to the PowerSchool version.

Best Practices

PowerSchool recommends that you insert new sections instead of customizing PowerSchool content to ensure that you do not impact content designed to work with other reports or profiles. Additionally, since PowerSchool does not overwrite your customizations, you will need to manually update when PowerSchool releases fixes or state required changes to the customized area.

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