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Manage Passwords

Activate Account and Create Temporary Password

  1. From the Search menu, click Staff.
  2. Enter the ID, Last Name, or First Name of the staff member and click Search.
  3. On the Search Results page, click the Security icon (padlock) for the staff member.
  4. Click Edit Security.
  5. In the Login Status field, choose Activated (temporary password). A random system-generated password will appear. To change the temporary password, click Change.
  6. Click Accept.

The user can now log in with their temporary password. They will receive a prompt to reset their password on their first login.

Allow User to Reset Password

Set Up Approved Email Addresses

Users who do not have an email address can create one on the Change Password or Messaging pages.

  1. From the Administration menu, click Configuration.
  2. Click Settings, then Messaging Settings.
  3. In the Source of Staff Email Addresses field, select one of the following options:
    • Allow Self-Specification of Email Forwarding Address - select to specify one or more approved email address domains in the Acceptable email suffixes field.
      You must specify at least one email address suffix for staff to reset their passwords.
    • Use Staff Profile Field - select to use the email in the staff profile. Select the Staff Profile Field that contains the staff email address.
  4. Click Save Settings.

Enable Users to Reset Their Passwords

  1. From the Administration menu, click Security.
  2. Click Staff Security Groups or Student/Parent Security.
  3. Click Security Settings.
  4. In the Lock Out Settings field, select Allow users to reset their own forgotten passwords.

    If this option is not available, you need to set up approved email addresses.
  5. Click Accept.
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