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User IDs, Passwords, and Logins

PowerSchool requires users to sign in with the correct user ID and password to ensure information remains secure.

User IDs are unique for different roles, such as:

  • For staff, the User ID is simply the unique staff ID assigned to the staff profile.

  • For students, the User ID is always the prefix 'S:' followed by the unique student ID (e.g. S:17465).

  • For parent users, the User ID is the prefix 'P:' followed by the student ID of their child.

  • For guardian users, the User ID is the prefix 'G:' followed by the student ID of their child.

Refer to Administrator Best Practices for more information on creating a strong password.

If PowerSchool Special Programs is integrated with Active Directory, then login credentials are authenticated using Active Directory. Passwords will not be stored in PowerSchool Special Programs. Refer to Active Directory Integration for more information. If Active Directory is not being used, then passwords are maintained in PowerSchool Special Programs.

When a user's login is activated, they receive a temporary password that is either automatically generated by PowerSchool Special Programs or created by the administrator. If a user forgets their password, they can request a temporary password. They will be prompted to reset their password on their next sign-in.

Accounts are protected against unauthorized access by strong network security measures.

User Logins

There are five types of user accounts:

  • Security Administrator: Used by administrators to perform security-related functions.

  • Consultant: Used by a PowerSchool employee or a local consultant to support the integration and implementation of PowerSchool Special Programs within their school or district.

  • Staff: Used by all teachers, school administrators, or other educators working within the school district. Each user in this category has access to the functions and information allowed by that user's access privileges, which are granted by the administrator.

Administrators can create a privacy notice that staff users are prompted to read the first time they log in.

  • Students: Used by students that allows them to browse the curriculum for their assigned classes, view their own progress in those classes, view announcements, send or receive messages, and take tests online. Before students can sign in, they must be given student access as a global option.

  • Parents/Guardians - Parents or guardians can also be given a sign-in that allows them to view their child's evaluation results, view announcements, and send or receive messages. Before parents or guardians sign in, parent/guardian access must be enabled as a global option.

PowerSchool Special Programs allows a separate parent and guardian login for each student.

Security Groups

Each user type is assigned to a security group that defines the function or role that users of that user type can perform, such as curriculum administration, student assessment, teachers, and child study team members. The members of a security group have access privileges associated with that group. Once users are given membership in the appropriate security groups, their logins must be activated and temporary passwords assigned.

PowerSchool allows you to select multiple members of a security group, and then activate their logins and assign temporary passwords all at once. You must log in as the security administrator to perform these functions. Refer to Security Groups for more information.

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