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Manage the Student Profile Archive

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After student profiles have been deactivated for a predetermined number of years (determined by current policy), the system will automatically begin purging the deactivated students from the database following each end-of-year (EOY) rollover. However, as a system administrator, you can enable the student profile archive to automatically move deactivated student profiles into a long-term archive before purging them from the database. You can access archived student profiles and documents stored as PDF files at any time, and restore archived student profiles when needed. Information is never purged from the student profile archive.

The archived information includes:

  • Student profile
  • Documents
  • Events
  • Child profiles except for certain relationship tables, such as Caseload (student-staff relationship) and Class Student Roster (student-class relationship).

Enable the Student Profile Archive

Self-hosted districts can choose to store the archive in the main database or a separate database.

  • To store in the main database, use the instructions provided here to enable the student profile archive.
  • To store in a separate database, use the instructions in the Installation and Management Guide.
  1. Click Administration, then choose Utilities.
  2. In the Data Utilities field, choose Students.
  3. Select Enable Student Profile Archive.
    1. If you logged in as the system administrator and the Enable Student Profile Archive option is not available, then the student profile archive is likely already enabled. The Search Student Profile Archive option will be available instead. and earlier.
1. Click Administration, choose Configuration, then Profile Types.
2. In the list of profile types, click the magnifying glass icon next to the Students profile type.
3. On the Profile Types Students page, click More and select Enable Student Profile Archive.

Archive Student Profiles

Archiving automatically occurs after the EOY rollover. However, you can also archive outside of the automatic process when needed.

To archive while deleting a student profile, click Queue for Archiving & Removal to immediately deactivate the student and queue the student profile for archiving. Archiving occurs during off-peak (non-business) hours.

To move multiple students immediately into the archive:

  1. Verify that the students are deactivated.
  2. Click Administration, then choose Utilities.
  3. In the Data Utilities field, choose Students.
  4. In the Select Utility field, choose Queue Inactive Student Profiles for Archiving and Removal.
  5. Enter a formula to specify the criteria of the students that you want to archive and remove, then click Continue.
  6. On the Search Results page, you can either archive individual profiles or all profiles listed:
    • To archive individual profiles, select the profiles that you want to archive and click Archive/Remove Students Checked Above.
    • To archive all profiles in the search results, click Archive/Remove All ## Students (where ## is the number of students).

Access or Restore the Student Profile Archive

  1. Click Administration, then choose Utilities.
  2. In the Data Utilities field, choose Students.
  3. In the Select Utility field, choose Search Student Profile Archive.
    1. If this menu item does not appear, verify that the Student Profile Archive is enabled.
  4. On the Search Student Profile Archive page, enter the student's first name, last name, or ID. Alternatively, select a Year Archived and search for all students archived during that calendar year.

    The Year Archived search uses a standard calendar year rather than a school year. For example, to search for a student archived after the 2020-2021 end-of-year rollover, you would enter 2021.

  5. On the Search Results page, click the View Documents icon next to the student's name to open documents and access file attachments.

    1. To restore the student profile, click Restore Student Profile.

      Student data is retained in the archive after restoring the student profile. If you temporarily restored the student profile, you can delete the profile without archiving it when the review is complete. If a student is archived more than once, the archive will retain multiple copies with each archive date.

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