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Set Up Special Access Privileges

Special Access privileges allow members of a security group to view and edit caseloads from their home page.

Sign in as the security administrator.

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Security.
  2. On the Staff Security Groups tab, click the security group you want to review.
  3. Click Edit Properties/Privileges.
  4. Click Special Access Privileges.
  5. Select an access level for each privilege.
    • Grant gives the privilege to all group members. Only those privileges explicitly granted are given to users.

    • n/a indicates that the privilege is not relevant to the security group.
    • Deny denies the privilege to the group's members. Select deny only if absolutely necessary.

      Grant or Deny privileges for user profile group members, like system administrators, staff, and students can be set system-wide or location-wide.

  6. Click Accept.

Caseload-Related Privileges

For all caseload-related privileges, staff members must have view access to add students to their caseload.

To enable view access, staff must have:

  • The View Students privilege within Students Profiles & Documents Privileges.
  • The View Staff, View Caseload, Add Caseload, Edit Caseload, and Delete Caseload privileges within Staff Profiles Privileges.
Special Access PrivilegeDescription
Access My Caseload

Staff members can view their caseload of students on the home page.

This privilege gives the staff member the ability to:

  • View the profile of caseload students.
  • View or create documents for caseload students (subject to other template-specific security rights).
  • View events for caseload students and add manual ones.
  • Upload file-based documents for students.
Edit My Standard Caseload

Staff members can add or remove students from their caseload.

Edit My Case Manager Caseload

This privilege is available if your database allows staff members to be designated as case managers.

  • A case manager caseload is when only one staff member can be the case manager for a student.

  • A standard caseload is when many staff members can have the same student on their caseload.

Staff members can specify that they are the case manager for students. When a staff member has both standard caseload students and case manager students, all students are listed on the home page, with students in the case manager caseload designated in bold.

Caseloads include students to whom the case manager is assigned to compose, edit, and evaluate Special Programs accommodations.

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