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Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs version is available as of 12/18/2020.

New Features/Enhancements


Release Note

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Easy Edit

The new Easy Edit feature allows administrators to customize their district's documents and forms.

Software menu path: Administration > Configuration > Document Templates > Easy Edit

Use this feature to:

  • Add or modify content.
  • Highlight text or change fonts.
  • Add document links.
  • Add fields, directives, functions, and formulas.
  • Update field properties.

PowerSchool will not overwrite your customizations. You will receive a notification if PowerSchool releases a change to your customized area, and you can revert to the current PowerSchool version at any time.

Edit Documents - Easy Edit


When editing translated phrases, there is now an option to accept all machine translations at once. The system also now sorts the phrases using the same order in which they appear on the form.

Document Language Translation
DocuSign E-Signature Integration
  • When staff users who are not enabled in the DocuSign account submit their documents to an authorized staff user who is enabled in DocuSign, the authorized DocuSign staff user can now send multiple submitted documents to DocuSign at once.
  • On the DocuSign Account Setup page, the Time Zone for API Verified option is removed since the system now detects this setting automatically. 
  • There is a new Default Routing Order for Signers option available on the DocuSign Account Setup page. System administrators can use this option to select the default routing order for users.

    • users send to staff before non-staff

    • users send to all signers at the same time

  • System administrators can now omit specified document template sections from being sent to DocuSign by overriding a document template section option labeled Omit from DocuSign.

When recently accessed student profiles and other types of profiles are shown on the quick search page and home page, the ID is now included in the identifying information.

System Administration
  • The Send Message security privilege is no longer available since all staff users need access to the messaging system to minimally interact with notification messages. Other communication privileges, such as Send Announcements, are now located in the System Administration privilege set, and the Communications privilege set is removed.
  • The Special Access privilege, Access Standard Reports for My Caseload, is removed and is now assumed to be authorized for all users who have the Access My Caseload privilege. This reduces the steps needed to grant report access to users who have caseload-only access to students. These users must still be granted access to specific reports.
  • System administrators can hide the Add/Edit/Delete privileges for specified child profile types by enabling the Hide Add/Edit/Delete Privileges option on the Profile Type Properties page.

Set Up Special Access Privileges

Workflow Case Management
  • Added the Bulk Create Case Results page to show details on student workflow case creation using the bulk utility.
  • Added the ability for a system administrator to copy an existing workflow case type configured by PowerSchool or by the system administrator. The system administrator can then modify the copied case type and set the original case type status to Retired or In Development so that it does not appear to users.
  • Added the ability for system admins to enable or disable PowerSchool configured workflow case types.
  • Added functionality that evaluates precondition criteria right away when you choose a workflow case type to create a case for a student. If the student does not meet the precondition criteria, a message appears with the precondition criteria description.
  • Added an Information (i) icon on the first step of the workflow case creation process to make the Workflow Case Type Details available for the selected case type.
Workflow Case Management

Resolved Issues


Release Note


Fixed issue where a "Value exceeds allowed length" error occurs when accessing certain translated documents.

eSchoolPLUS - Student Contact Email

Updated the import layout to correct an issue with importing parent email addresses with multiple underscores.

PowerSchool SIS Integration

Updated the SIS user access role integration to no longer show an "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" message on the SIS Integration Security Review tab for staff profiles.

Known Issues



Easy Edit - HTML Tab

When viewing the document in the HTML view, the HTML format for the entire document may not display correctly.

Workaround: Use the Advanced Mode in the Edit drawer to view and edit the HTML for selected areas of the document.

SQL Server Support

On-premise customers, Special Programs continues to support SQL Server 2014 and 2016. However, version will formally support SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2019.

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