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Manage Security Groups

Log in as a system administrator to add or modify security groups.

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Security.
  2. To create a new group, click New Security Group. To modify an existing group, click the required security group and choose Edit Properties/Privileges.
  3. Enter the Security Group Name.
  4. Choose the Category.
  5. Enter the PS SIS User Access Role. This field must match the user access role within PowerSchool SIS. This field is optional.
  6. Enter the Messaging ID. This field is optional.
  7. To grant access system-wide, select Allow system-wide security administrators to manage membership of this group.
  8. To grant access location-wide, select Allow location-wide security administrators to manage membership of this group.
  9. Set privileges for each group. Choose between:
    • Grant gives the privilege to all group members. Only those privileges explicitly granted are given to users.

    • n/a indicates that the privilege is not relevant to the security group.
    • Deny denies the privilege to the group's members. Select deny only if absolutely necessary.

      Grant or Deny privileges for user profile group members, like system administrators, staff, and students, can be set system-wide or location-wide.

  10. Click Accept.
Domain administrators can link a security group to one or more Active Directory groups. This helps administrators manage permissions in Special Programs based on a user's permissions within the domain.

Reports Privileges

Report privileges allow administrators to determine who can create or edit public standard reports and who can create private standard reports.

To access a report, users need View privilege. An exception is that you can grant access to specific student list reports to Caseload-Only user profiles, where the information is filtered to the user's caseload. In addition, you can specify which security groups can view an individual standard report.

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