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Home Page

Main Menu

The main menu appears on every page of the application and displays a list of options based on your district's configuration and your permissions

PowerSchool Special Programs logoReturn to the start page.


Search for students, staff, classes, locations, or districts.


Manage the curriculum outline and resource library
Assessment GuideManage assessments and monitor progress


Send and view messages, announcements, and calendars.


Run and view reports.
AdministrationRun data utilities, manage district configurations, run the EOY rollover, and create document templates and workflow case types.
HelpAccess online help or enter a support request.
Current user initialsYour initials indicate you are signed in to your account. Select your initials to edit your profile or sign out.
Current locationIf you can access multiple locations, select the location you want to work on.

Home Page Panels

The Home Page is divided into panels such as Quick Access, Unread Messages, and Reports. The exact panels you can access depend on your district's configuration and your permissions.

You can rearrange the panels on your home page by holding the mouse/pointer down on the title of a panel, dragging it to a new position, and then releasing the mouse/pointer. You can also collapse and expand home page panels by clicking a panel's expand or collapse icon. Expanding or collapsing is temporary by default.

Use Save Home Page Configuration to preserve the home page arrangement.


Messages other users have sent you are listed in the unread messages panel. You may read, respond to, forward, or delete any messages you receive.

To read the entire message, click the message subject. You can also move the pointer over the subject to see message details and take actions like marking the message as read or replying.

Quick Access

This panel contains links to students you have recently worked on, administrative tasks like Digital Signature management, and your personal options.


Depending on your role, reports may be published on your home page. Reports are organized into categories.


Select the announcement subject to read the full announcement. 

Upcoming Calendar Events

Select the event subject to review details and make changes. You can also move the pointer over the event to review basic event details.

My Students

This panel displays your assigned student caseload. Use the icons for the student to access a student's profile, documents, and services. Your security roles and privileges determine which student options you can access.

Students on your caseload for whom you are the designated case manager are highlighted with bold text and a gray background.

Set Personal Options

  1. Select your user initials on the main menu to display the user menu, then select Set My User Options.
  2. Select the desired options.
  3. Choose Set Options.

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