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Use the Scoring Tool to Import Scores


Import Scores from a Delimited Text File Using the Scoring Tool

  1. Start the Scoring Tool from the Windows Start menu (normally located in the lower-left corner of your screen).
    • Point your mouse to the Programs or All Programs submenu, then to PowerSchool Group LLC, and then PowerSchool SpEd Scoring Tool Plus.
  2. After a splash screen, a connection login window appears. Enter the correct login information, and then click Connect.
    • In the Server Address field, enter the address (domain) that you normally access through your web browser.
    • In the Login Information section fields, enter the School/District ID, User ID, and Password that you normally use to log in online.
  3. Upon successfully logging in, the Open Assessment Administration screen appears with a selection of assessment administrations that are stored in the database. In the Assessment Administrations For field, select the assessment administration you want to open.
    • You can only open assessment administrations that have not yet been processed.
    • If it becomes necessary to do further work with an assessment administration that has already been processed, you must unprocess the assessment administration before opening it from the Scoring Tool.
  4. In the Select Administrations fields, select which assessment administrations are displayed (e.g., District-wide assessment administrations, Location-wide assessment administrations for a particular location or school, or System-wide; and the school year).
  5. Click the assessment administration you wish to open, and then click Open. Note that you can only import scores for assessments where "Scores" is displayed in the Data Collected column. Otherwise, the scanning features are used.
  6. In the Import Score Data screen, select the type of file format or data source format from which you will be importing the score data using the drop-down.
  7. After selecting your data source, click OK.
    • You are presented with a view of the data. From here you will be able to link the source data fields to fields within the database.
  8. Click on a column, and then click the Add Link button.
  9. In the Link Assessment Field to Data Source pop-up that appears, select the Assessment Field that the field in the Data Source Selection (the column you selected) corresponds to, and then click OK to link it.

    • Note that you must link a Student ID field at some point because the student ID field is used to match the scores to the correct student.
    • If there is a source data column containing the date(s) that students were assessed, link that source data column to the AssessmentDate field. If this source data column is not available, you will be prompted to enter the assessment date later.

  10. Click on one of the score columns that you want to import, and then click the Add Link button.
  11. In the Link Assessment Field to Data Source pop-up that appears, select the appropriate score type for the Assessment Field that the field in the Data Source Selection (the column you selected) corresponds to, and then click OK to add the link.
    • To link score data, click the +/- icons to expand or collapse assessment sections so that you can see the score types for that section.
  12. If there are any blank or invalid scores, you may see a screen like this informing you of this information. Click Close to continue.

  13. Repeat steps 6 - 12 to link the remaining source columns.
  14. Once you have linked all the source columns, click Data Transfer to transfer the score data into the database.

  15. On the Transfer Data screen, review the data to make sure the data is being imported as you expect. Import problems will also be presented to be addressed.

  16. Click Commit Data to continue. A final dialog appears for you to confirm whether you want to import the data.

  17. Click OK to complete the import. Note that this cannot be undone.

  18. After successfully importing the data, you can close the assessment administration.

  19. You will be prompted to save the Assessment Administration data layout if it has not already been saved.

    • It is recommended that you click Yes to save the layout, and then if you need to import new or corrected data for this assessment administration later, you will not need to recreate the layout and all of its links.

  20. Process the data you imported.


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