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Profile Types

A school district's PowerSchool Special Programs database includes a set of profiles that comprise the basic filing system of data on staff, classes, locations, districts, and students. Profiles contain the most current information and are distinct from IEP documents. In most instances, data flows back and forth between profiles and documents. Additionally, a subset of information tracked in profiles is typically imported from your district's SIS.

You can access details for each profile type directly in the software (Administration, Configuration, Profile Types) and using the links in this table, provided you have the required login and security access.

Profile Type


Menu Path/Link to Profile Types in Model Software

Link to Fields

Link to Data Flow


Staff profiles track personnel information.

Administration, Configuration, Profile Types: Staff

Staff Fields

Staff Data Flow Report


Class profiles track class information in a specific location.

Administration, Configuration, Profile Types: Classes

Class Fields

Class Data Flow Report


Location profiles track school/building information.

Administration, Configuration, Profile Types: Locations

Location Fields

Location Data Flow Report


District profiles track district information in scenarios where students are sent to or received from other school districts.

Administration, Configuration, Profile Types: District

District Fields

District Data Flow Report


Student profiles contain demographic information, enrollment information, placement information, disability information, medical information, test scores, and information on services received. See Student Profiles for more detail.

Administration, Configuration, Profile Types: Students

Student Fields

Student Data Flow Report

Student Profiles

This section also includes detailed information about the following Student profiles in your model.

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